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[Warning, this will show SOME of 18+ content.] This story will be related to Security Breach AU Ever since Gregory saved Vanessa from Vanny form, 3 of the others (Glamrock Freddy, Vanessa and Gregory himself.) had already escaped, they were all homeless, had no job nor any money. The only money vanessa had was 66$ dollars in her wallet.

Gregory x vanessa fanfiction. Vanessa A. | Ness. Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) No Beta We Die Like Afton. Good Vanny | Reluctant Follower | Beta-Tester. Cornered by Monty Gregory is feeling the toll the night has taken on him, death is …

Vanny X Gregory a FNAF Love Story. (A night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Plex Gregory is once again hiding from his stalker Vanny who is on a mission to kill him given to her by her boss Glitchtrap against her will once again the Glamrock Animatronics succeed in protecting him, than one fateful Night) Vanny: Hey Gregory!

Ongoing. First published Dec 22, 2021. (Y/n) did not know how he ended up in this situation, He was hired by Fazbear entertainment as the assistant to the head security officer at Freddy Fazbear's renowned Mega Pizzaplex. New to the job, he was eager to prove to his new boss Vanessa he could prove to be a valuable asset to the company.Vanessa locks Gregory up in the Lost and Found, along with a bunch of other things. As Vanessa leaves Gregory alone, a masked Rabbit Woman enters the room, giggling softly. She grabs Gregory and uses him until she's truly satisfied. Language: English Words: 1,801 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 13 Kudos: 123 Bookmarks: 17DJ Music Man (Five Nights at Freddy's) After the death of Eri Chisaki 18 years beforehand, 7 kids sneak into the new pizzeria and shit hits the fan quickly that night and now parents are left wondering what happened to their kids. Language: English.13: Vanessa. When Gregory regained his consciousness. He sat up and the first thing he saw was darkness. Although he saw a little bit of light. He quickly got worried for Freddy, Sun, and the others. When he turned to look. The animitronics, and even Freddy and Sunnydrop were out cold. Gregory quickly went to Freddy and Sun's side.Updated, Upgraded, and ready to make kids smile. A new Night Guard is starting at Freddi Fazbear's Pizzeria. Can he make friends and help an angered spirit finally rest? Read and see. All animatronics are girls. OC x Multiple. Scott Cawthon owns FNAF, not me. I only own my OC.Games Five Nights at Freddy´s. FNAF: Not Safe For Work By: I'm Not Using This Site Anymor. An OC worker goes to Fready Fazbears, and encounters the female animatronics in ALL locations. Rated: Fiction M - English - Mystery/Romance - OC, Bonnie, Golden Freddy, Freddy Fazbear - Words: 1,729 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 75 - Follows: 73 - Published: Jun ...

The cat simply meowed at him once more before going off into the dark hall. Zora pushed the door open to see Vanessa laying there half drunk with a big silly smile on her face. "Took you long enough. Now take those damn pants off!" Zora chuckles while stepping in and closing the door behind him.Sun and Moon are the Same Animatronic (Five Nights At Freddy's) LGBTQ Character. Gregory, after freeing all the animatronics comes back to the Pizzaplex and discovers many secrets along with solving some secrets from the past. Will he get revenge on Vanny, 100%.At the end of the game, he opened a digital door and a scream was heard. Gregory stopped playing and looked outside. When he completed all three arcade machines, it killed the virus and the staff bots turned off. On the ground, was the mask and suit of Vanny. Gregory got a backpack and put Freddy's head in it.Gregory frees Vanessa from Glitchtrap, and escapes with her and Freddy. Afterwards, they realize that the threat of Glitchtrap is not over yet and that they must go back to the PizzaPlex that morning to finish what was started. ... Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Horror - Glitchtrap/Malhare, Glamrock Freddy, Gregory, Vanessa - Chapters ...Vanessa Facefarts Gregory [by Lazei] By. REGALELF. Watch. Published: Sep 17, 2022. 265 Favourites. 0 Comments. 27.5K Views. Image size. 2682x5620px 1.26 MB ... Already a deviant? Log In. DeviantArt - Homepage. DeviantArt Facebook DeviantArt X DeviantArt Instagram. About Contact Core Membership DeviantArt …36 Stories. After being bested by Sonic, Chaos Sonic woke in front of a mall-like place known as "The Mega Pizzaplex" and soon became a mascot along with Glamrock Freddy F... A short story about time travel and killer rabbits. Gregory finds himself in Michael Afton's apartment following the events of FNAF 3.Basically a bunch of chapters of Frantic Fanfic creations. I took part in a few of them but most of them are from the people in the Glittergolf discord server. Language: English Words: 11,454 ... Vanessa A. | Ness & Gregory (255) Michael Afton & Gregory (235) Moon & Sun (Five Nights at Freddy's) (215)

O: drives are a type of network drive companies use to store data. The data on the O: drive is available to be shared by those included in the network but is not stored physically ...Protective Vanessa A. | Ness. Reader is Not Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) Child Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) Montgomery's room was a mess, a shithole. It took a long time to convict Monty into letting the workers redo his room all over again, but after weeks, months, even.It was a warm scarlet evening at the black bulls hideout. The sun was on the verge of setting bringing an end to a rather slow yet eventful day. Sleeping in her room was the witch/mage Vanessa enotecca. Wearing only black laced panties with a matching bra the young witch napped without a care in the world.Her parents even told her to drop the responsibilities.. The mother doesn't have any choice left, but to drop gregory in an orphanage. Gregory is seen as the weird kid. An Outcast, that everyone hated. He is weird because.. He's not flashy. And he looks boring and quiet. That's probably the reason why everyone hates him.Vanessa instructed as she left the security office with all of Gregory's belongings, leaving him defenseless and alone and knowing who Vanessa's alter ego is, in the paws of Vanny and her sadistic little game she's been playing with him. the boy watching her leave for bit too longer than he meant to as a blush bloomed on his cheeks.

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Dec 23, 2021 · Games Five Nights at Freddy´s. Starting Over By: Honorandglorytotheempire. Vanessa isn't sure if she's rebuilding her life in between constant panic attacks or having constant panic attacks in between rebuilding her life. But she's moving forward with it none the less. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Glamrock Freddy, Gregory ...MaveriKat. •• Edited. Gregory's a homeless kid, No one can barely stand! No Mom or Dad, just Vanny, Tracking that boy on the lamb! ("Bleed, twerp!") The Doom and Gloom in every room, Is broken instantly! By his tragic animatronic known as Glam Freddy, Who in reality, is known as--. Mike Afton, Eggs Benedict!Maternal Roxanne Wolf. Protective Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's) Protective Vanessa A. | Ness. Baby Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) Roxanne makes a decision that will affect her and Gregory's future forever. The question is whether it was the wrong decision. Part 6 of A Child's Choice.If you’re a fan of fanfiction, chances are you’ve heard of AO3. Short for Archive of Our Own, AO3 is a popular online platform that hosts a vast collection of fan-created works. On...

Back in the Lost and Found Office, while Vanessa and Foxy were fighting for their lives against the animatronic horde sent after them by Vanny and "Willie", Freddy could still be seen slumbering inside a recharge station nearby. And still situated comfortably in his chest compartment was Gregory, snoring lightly.Where the hell does she go from here? Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Glamrock Freddy, Gregory, Vanessa - Words: 2,973 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 36 - Published: Dec 19, 2021 - Status: Complete - id: 14007518. + -. There was an element of surrealness as Vanessa sat down and watched the sun rise. …moony. fivenightsatfreddys. chica. +11 more. Read the most popular vannessa stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.Insecurity: FNAF Security Breach By: Oria Nightshade. "It was just a gLiTCh . . ." Gregory, a young boy with no memory or past, finds himself locked in a large shopping mall based off of the company Fazbear Entertainment. With help from the mall's mascot, Freddy Fazbear, Gregory attempts to escape the facility alive, in which he must regain his ...Protective Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's) Baby Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) Parental Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's) Adopted Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) Suspicious Character. Vanessa has obligations outside the Pizzaplex. The question is whether they will cause conflict in the future.After getting the drink that they shared, they were off down to the first floor. Before going inside Fazer Blast, the two noticed Roxanne, Chica, Freddy, and Monty participating in some morning birthday parties. Roxy and Chica noticed Gregory and Baby, who waved to them, making them smile and secretly wave back.Read Vanessa and Gregory from the story Fnaf Posters Version 2. by debunkingnightmare (Headless Child) with 329 reads. ships, mci, canonfnaf. Browse . Browse; Wattpad Originals; Editor's Picks ... Fanfiction. Same thing like my last book this will be filled mostly with fnaf posters, parts of certain songs, maybe even other fandoms will be mixed ...(This is a sequel to the fic, A Change in Fate, and its one-shot series! Highly recommend you read them first.) Gregory and Michael are finally together for good. Gregory's been taken in as a foster kid and on his way to being officially adopted by Mike, who's in better shape than he has been for a long while. ... Vanessa A. | Ness & Gregory ...Vanessa's redemption By: evtrax. After the game and the DLCS, Hat Kid is having fun with her new family. But an unexpected arrival means she is plunged into a new adventure alongside those who care for her. Rated T for liberal usage of the word Peck (and occasional usage of real curse words). Rated: Fiction T - English - Chapters: 2 - Words ...Quizzes Stories People Fiction Fanfiction Nonfiction Tests Surveys ... Mike and Jeremy finally tied the knot, Vanessa and Gregory are getting more comfortable with their foster parents every day, and things are headed in a good direction with barely a cloud on the horizon. Life is good. Mostly.

An Unlikely Friendship / Sundrop a... by BATMAN. 142K 4.4K 59. In the original Security Breach, the one who helped Gregory was none other than Freddy Fazbear. But things take a twist in this fanfic. What if Freddy was an antagonist... Completed. roxanne.

My First Fanfic; Novella: Tales From the Pizzaplex #5: The Bobbiedots Conclusion: GGY; ... Gregory, Vanessa, and Glamrock Freddy go into hiding for a while. However, they secretly come up with ways how to get rid of The Mimic. Some friendships are broken along the way, and some sacrifices are made. Series.Please note that this is a sequel to my other FNaF fanfiction, "Darkness, Light, Darkness." While it is not entirely necessary to read that first, just keep in mind that there are many references to it in this fanfiction. ... Vanessa A. | Ness & Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) Vanessa A. | Ness/Luis Cabrera; Cassie (Five Nights at Freddy's ...Turning Vanessa into an animatronic with the power of mods!We record and edit all gameplay and cutscenes footage ourselves. Please ask for permission before ...This is another fanfic take on the Security Breach Shows. This'll be about Ennard and Vanny kiddnapping Gregory attempting to make the ones closests to him indulge in pain mentally. As Gregory endures so much pain from Ennard and Vanny it'll be up to Roxanne Wolf, Glamrock Freddy, Circus Baby, and potentially other characters to help save him ...Y/n, a 12-year-old girl, has family problems. She ends up leaving, taking some money with her. She takes about 50 bucks, deciding to see the popular mall, Freddy Fazbear... Earth makes a group chat for her and Lunar to get to know the others. Nice eclipse is called solar in this.Gregory has a crush, so he asks Vanessa for advice, and he will receive It. (Post princess quest ending so Freddy, Vanessa and Gregory live together). Series. Part 1 of Freddy x …gregvan. fivenightsatfreddys. +7 more. # 4. Dead Of Night (Gregvan / Gregory x... by Rose. 2K 90 9. Everyone is trying to move through, and learn to live with the struggles of life. Gregory is learning high school isn't actually like High …A rogue virus let loose, hypnotizing and controlling its victims to carry out its evil deeds. A computer program by the name 'Mimic1', given legs to move around. Someone accidentally reprogramming it to tear off the limbs of animatronics only for it to start killing. Being stuck in a Pizzaplex for six hours straight.#fnaf #fnaf gregory #fnaf vanessa #fnaf glamrock freddy #3 star fam #gregory and vanessa #fanfic fanart #food fight #whipped cream #seriously love this fic so much #and these two are chaotic siblings you can't convince me otherwise #they don't have an official duo name but I just call them Security Siblings #Gregory is a gremlin but Vanessa is honestly no better #you can't convince me ...

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Parental Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's) Gregory Needs a Hug (Five Nights at Freddy's) This is another fanfic take on the Security Breach Shows. This'll be about Ennard and Vanny kiddnapping Gregory attempting to make the ones closests to him indulge in pain mentally.- Gregory and Vanessa go grocery shopping but they aren't allowed to be happy 😭 - Series. Part 4 of My Oneshots :) Language: English Words: 5,058 ... I don't own fnaf characters or sb,the only thing I own my ocs for this fanfic. All of the rest is own by Scott and steel wood games. Warning:, misspelling and errors. Language: English Words ...36 Stories. After being bested by Sonic, Chaos Sonic woke in front of a mall-like place known as "The Mega Pizzaplex" and soon became a mascot along with Glamrock Freddy F... A short story about time travel and killer rabbits. Gregory finds himself in Michael Afton's apartment following the events of FNAF 3.Games Five Nights at Freddy´s. AFTER RUIN By: Ovi Fizz. Shorty after the events of FNaF SB: Ruin. This story follows up with Roxanne and Cassie after just escaping The Mimic and leaving it trapped underground. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Adventure - Words: 1,501 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 12 - Published: Aug 2, 2023 - id: 14262955.Smut in this book Security breach. Events happen before Security Breach Help Wanted is canon, but it won't appear as an actual thing The only thing from it is Glitchtrap, who was able to escape Short story. A story in which, the daughter of Mike and Y/N Schmidt, works at Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizzaplex.Keyword Research: People who searched fnaf vanessa x gregory fanfiction also searchedVanessa respira, y es con eso que Gregory se da cuenta de lo que estaba pasando. Ella estaba llorando también. Los sentimientos encontrados, junto a esa gran muestra de cariño que nunca había recibido, y los sentimientos de Vanessa, hicieron que Gregory aflojara más el cuerpo, y correspondiera también al abrazo.Gregory had lost the signal between Cassie and himself. He and Vanessa had just managed to lead her all the way to the elevator, but the moment he tried to get her out of the death trap that was the Pizzaplex, something cut the line. Gregory tried to reach through to his friend, as Vanessa tried to keep tabs on what was going on down in the ...Games Five Nights at Freddy´s. Starting Over By: Honorandglorytotheempire. Vanessa isn't sure if she's rebuilding her life in between constant panic attacks or having constant panic attacks in between rebuilding her life. But she's moving forward with it none the less. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Glamrock Freddy, Gregory ... ….

18 May 2024. No Archive Warnings Apply. Glamrock Freddy & Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) Vanessa A. | Ness & Gregory. Cassie (Five Nights at Freddy's: Security …Read the most popular gregory stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. ... gregory fnaf securitybreach glamrockfreddy vanny monty glamrockchica roxannewolf moondrop roxy freddy vanessa sundrop fnaffanfic chica montgomerygator ... Hi guys this is my first smut with animatronic ships! and I love the Monty x Freddy ...- How cute. [Vanessa X Gregory] Fanfiction. Si, lo se, se que se llevan muchos años de diferencia, pero realmente queria hacer esta historia En este fanfic, Vanessa y Vanny son distintas personas. Además, Vanessa tendra 20 años y Gregory 14 La portada no es de mi autoria, pero lamentablemente...Mergers. Vanessa & Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) has been made a synonym of Vanessa A. | Ness & Gregory. Works and bookmarks tagged with Vanessa & Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's) will show up in Vanessa A. | Ness & Gregory's filter. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.45 Stories. Sort by: Hot. # 1. ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴀᴛ ғɪʀsᴛ sɪɢʜᴛ ♡ || 𝔸 𝔾𝕣𝕖... by 【ˋ `𝙲𝚛𝚢𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢ˋ ˋ】. 5.6K 54 5. Gregory went around the pizzaplex running and trying to stay quiet because he saw Vanny come after him. He went and hid in a garbage can near a table. He didn't want to... cryingchildfnaf.Peor fanfic que el complejo de estocolmo (Vanessa x Gregory) fanfic de bluei. Oh mrda oh mrda eso no suena bien. no suena bien... es bueno o malo xd? Siempre deseo que desaparezca Wattpad de la faz de la tierra, pero se que eso no va a pasar... Se acabaron de marcar un two babies one fox.A high-pitched whine alerted Gregory that the Faz Cam's flash had recharged, and he immediately brought it up. "Guys! Photo op!" Freddy and Roxy both seemed to understand, turning their heads away, but Monty was caught unprepared, and the bright flash left him reeling. "Come on, you two, let's go!"Horror Romance Sun X Reader Moon X Reader Sundrop Moondrop x Reader. Finding a job was hard for (y/n). They never went to college, but they needed to find a job that would allow them to bring their little brother along with them. Eventually, they land a job at the famous Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex.Vanessa and Gregory determine the only way to fight fire is with fire, damned who gets burned in the carnage. ... (FNAF SB 3 star ending fic ideas that no one has really used yet). This story is mostly going to be family fluff. Language: English Words: 42,961 Chapters: 16/? Collections: 1 Comments: 133 Kudos: 156 Bookmarks: 51Having survived the entire night at the pizzaplex with only Glamrock Freddy being reduced to a sentient head, Gregory, Vanessa and Freddy plan to return to the place to rescue the bear's friends. Rated: Fiction T - English - Horror/Adventure - Glamrock Freddy, Gregory, Vanessa - Chapters: 9 - Words: 9,162 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 14 ... Gregory x vanessa fanfiction, [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1], [text-1-1]